Er…that isn’t what I meant

Bookpages animatedThis string of apologetic words usually trails a misunderstood statement that soared through space and landed with a resounding thud of apologies. “Er” isn’t a word, but rather a suffix with an important mission. Added to a noun like strong, it becomes a comparison that means one is stronger than another, whether a person or inanimate object. Added to a noun that describes an occupation, it thrusts the person into the suggested capacity.

A caregiver is one who gives care or takes care of another person, but a caretaker may manage property or people. One who gambles is a gambler, so why isn’t a locker a person who locks something instead of a secure storage area? An adjuster isn’t one who adapts, but rather one who looks at your damage vehicle and decides it isn’t worthy of repair.

I say I blog, when I should say I’m a blogger (one who blogs). If I say I’m a webber, er…that isn’t what I meant. I’m a webmaster. Following that logic, then why wouldn’t a blogger be a blogmaster and a writer a writemaster?

At least I know the difference between a writer (one who writes) and an author (a writer who has been published). I am both. Those are both titles I can claim without saying “Er…that isn’t what I meant.”



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2 responses to “Er…that isn’t what I meant

  1. To my friend the blogger, I love your blogs, with or without -er.

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