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California Rain Event

Raining cats and dogsRain Event: The correct terminology used to report an intrusion of excess water falling from the skies which could compromise a specific underground water quality test underway when I worked for an environmental engineering firm in Louisiana.

The result: Water quality retest required.

Rain Dance: A ritual to welcome a rain event suggested by Catherine Coulter in her April newsletterand repeated in Violet’s Vibes April 17, 2015 blog post from the San Fancisco  East Bay Tri-Valley.

“I would appreciate it, as would 40 million other people in my state, if you would go outside,  doesn’t have to be a full moon, dance in a circle and chant to the rain gods to soak up the sun and squeeze out all excess liquid, from the shores to the mountains in California. We’re talking serious drought here, folks, so please save us from our two-minute showers.”

Jumping ropeThis afternoon, May 14, 2015, commercial vendors tromped about the roof of my apartment complex, cleaning the rain gutters. Shortly after they cleared the mounds of debris, thunder rolled. A downpour soaked the thirsty lawns and washed the sidewalks and parking lots. Rainwater flowed from the roof into the clean gutters, exited the downspouts at ground level, and saturated the thirsty rose beds.

The result: Happy dances.  Clown

Rain advice to Catherine Coulter fans in California : If dance chants haven’t been effective in your drought-stricken area, call a gutter cleaning service.



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