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Spirit of Christmas

scrooge-1My father could have been a double for Scrooge’s in A Christmas Carol—minus the greed. Both scoffed at the hectic holiday hubbub that floated like fresh snow. Real snow never fell in Chowchilla, our small San Joaquin Valley town, but it glistened on Sierra mountain tops looking north from Robertson Boulevard. Downtown merchants became amateur artists and created snowmen from spray cans on front display windows. They painted a tophat, a plaid neck scarf, and brown twig arms. They daubed eyes and a row of coal black buttons on the white globes.  Merry Christmas in glistening red foil stretched above the winter scenes.

A few local Scrooges dampened the community Christmas Spirit, my father vying for the top position. His Bah, Humbug! list of no’s at Christmas was longer than Scrooge’s. No Christmas tree. No Santa. No gifts. Mama agreed to skip the decorations, but she silently put gifts on layaway each spring to be opened before our family meal at noon.

One December Saturday, Papa agreed to go with us to the lighting of the community Christmas tree. Anticipation built as darkness approached. The walk downtown was an easy ten blocks in the warm summer, twice as long in the winter chill. Papa bent into the fierce wind and pulled the brim of his black felt hat down over his forehead. Mama tugged the ties of her headscarf tighter and turned up her thin coat collar against the cold. My twin and I skipped along the sidewalk too excited to feel the cold.

Christmas TreeAt the City Hall, we sipped hot cocoa from paper cups while we waited. The mayor activated the lights. Colors glowed from the lowest branch to the star on top of the live tree that reached upward toward the roof of the one-story building. A siren sounded and Santa arrived, sitting high on a blazing red fire truck. Papa stiffened and cast his eyes downward, away from the smiling red-suited man waving at us. We each received a brown paper lunch-size bag filled with an orange, an apple, a handful of unshelled nuts, and two or three pieces of hard candy.

Back home, Papa sent my twin and me to bed without a word about the magical evening. I had pleasant dreams that night because he had abandoned his Bah, Humbug attitude and celebrated the spirit of Christmas.

Merry Chistmas Vintage


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Successful Resolutions for the New Year

Report Card

New Year’s resolutions? Bah, Humbug! Ebenezer Scrooge might say. Meriam-Webster Dictionary agrees. (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/humbug) Resolutions are like humbug ―misleading or deceptive. Statistics say 92% of resolutions fail. Looking on the bright side, that’s an 8% success rate. Even the U.S. government website gets in on the action with the most popular resolutions. (http://www.usa.gov/Citizen/Topics/New-Years-Resolutions.shtml)

Resolution #1 in the U.S. is “Lose Weight.” Somewhere beneath that will be “Join Gym,” followed by “Better Education,” or “Better Job.” If you haven’t made a 2015 list yet, try my top four suggestions.

  1.  Lose Weight.  Enjoy chocolate. Chocolate Bar
  2. Join Gym.  Walk around the block and greet neighbors. Shoes
  3. Better Education. First, teach others to see the learning process.     Opportunity
  4. Better Job: Improve present job (paid or voluntary).   eanbook-from Camille 8.14.11

Growth arrows

A few years ago when I accomplished only a few of my New Year’s resolutions, I made a new resolution.  I’ve topped all the odds. I’ve been 100% successful.

 Stop making New Year’s resolutions.

Happy New Year red


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