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President’s Circle

Flashing Lights and Sign on School BusI watched my first-grade foster son jump down from the yellow school bus, his short legs running down our long gravel driveway on a cool, sunny February afternoon. I stepped away from the window over the sink and opened the half-glass paned kitchen door to greet him.

Washington-Lincoln profilesDark brown eyes twinkled above his pug nose and wide grin. His caramel-colored hand clutched silhouettes of U. S. Presidents Washington and Lincoln glued to red construction paper. Before I could say, “Where’s your lunchbox?” Jacob thrust the thin-faced, long-nosed, bearded profile toward me.

Tree chopper
“Mom, did you know Abraham Lincoln cut down a cherry tree, but he confessed ’cause he was honest and couldn’t tell a lie?”


“That was George Washington,” I said, pointing to the curly wigged, clean-shaven outline.

Astonishment flashed across his face. “Wow, Mom! Did you know him?”




Author’s note:  Jacob is a fictitious substitute for this adult, former foster child. My name and profile are set in stone. 



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