Friggatriskaidekaphobia – Friday the 13th

Ghost-book-PixabayIn Escape, one of my five crime fiction works in progress, I begin with a tight-knit genealogy group called Ghost Chasers (GCs) meeting for Friday lunch in the fictitious town of Pleasantville, Texas. These Friday meetings are the core of my manuscript, but writing rules insist that I minimize repetitious words in a single paragraph or close proximity. But how else to say Friday?

Friday-13th-PixabayWeighing a decision of whether GCs will meet today, I researched superstition associated with friggatriskaidekaphobia, fear of Friday the 13th.

Now, my genealogists hve a new mystery to solve when one of their members vanishes on Friday the 13th. If I need an alternate word for Friday, I’ll let one of my characters say Frigga. Frigga means Friday.





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  1. Wow, who know I did not actually know there was a fear of it that had a name… LOL I don’t know if you ever knew but I was born on Friday, the 13th. I think it was good luck when I was born but over the yrs. I had a couple of spells of bad luck on those specific bdays that fell on Fri. the 13th….. Of course, I think one of the reasons I was born was because God knew that Robert would need help someday during the Liver issues he had(by the way he is doing fantastic)…. May 21st, 2016 was his 10 yr. Liver Transplant anniversary….. YAY…. Our 13yr. wedding anniv. was 05/17/2016…. We just had his 10yr 3 month Liver checkup yesterday 08/29/2016 and Dr. is super happy with how he is doing…. So am I…. XXOO

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