Thursday’s Child

Thursday’s child has far to go

Nancy Dragoo Carr 1915

Nancy Dragoo Carr 1915

My birth choice, if I had been consulted, would have been Monday’s child who was “fair of face.” A Tuesday’s child, I was deemed to be “full of grace.” Fitting, I suppose, because I inherited my father’s pale English skin, bushy eyebrows, and long nose, not my mother’s dark beauty. I struggled to achieve grace thrust upon me by my parents who insisted girls dress and act like girls, not tomboys.

Back then, I thought being a Tuesday’s child wasn’t as bad as the unsuccessful Thursday’s child who had to struggle to achieve her goals. Years later, I learned that the ancient saying meant the opposite: A Thursday’s child would have a long, successful life without limitations. That revelation, not Mother Goose, made Thursday the perfect blogging day for Violet’s Vibes.


My annual WordPress blog report for 2015 suggested I republish my five most popular posts, beginning with “Christmas Candy.”


Courtesy: Vi Parsons

Courtesy: Vi Parsons

What? I blogged that memoir on Christmas Eve, Wednesday, December 24, 2014. Four weeks later, Wednesday, January 21, 2015, the 95th anniversary of my brother Clyde’s birth, “Christmas Candy” received the most views.


With such great success on Wednesday, then why am I blogging on Thursday? With the exception of that single post, WordPress statistics confirm Thursday as your favorite reading day.


Looking back: Christmas Candy 

Looking forward: See you next ThursdayCalendar-January 2016-Vintage




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