Making Do

Thanks (maybe I should say no thanks) to Lani Longshore blog who nominated me for the Quote Challenge blog hop. My father had a saying for everything. Whether they were his originals, revisions, or compilations of sayings from others, I heard it from him the first time—and many times thereafter.


My father was a frugal, no-frills man. He sold the family car when we moved to a small town in the California San Joaquin Valley during the Great Depression. A mile square, we walked everywhere. The Greyhound bus took us to distant destinations, or we rode with married brothers who kept their automobiles. Our home furnishings were sparse. If we didn’t need it, we didn’t have it.


Elementary school gave free text books and materials, but they stayed in the classroom. At home, my twin and I had a small box of crayons, scissors, and pencils for homework. One project needed glue—something we didn’t have. I greeted Papa with my request as he returned home from his lawn-mowing job. I held the colored cutouts in one hand and the construction paper in the other to demonstrate the unfinished project. “I need a dime to buy glue.”

EducationCrayola stampScissors


Without a cusory glance at my proof, my father said, “If the school didn’t give it to you, make do or do without.”

After eating, the dishes done, Mama made do with a flour and water paste in a small bowl so my twin and I wouldn’t have to do without.

P.S. I donate glue sticks to students at the start of each school year so they won’t have to make do.

Elmer's Glue Sticks

I’ll be back with my second and third quotes. Meanwhile, I nominate these three busy bloggers to accept the Quote Challenge. If they have to decline because of writer overload, it’s worth a click to see where they’ve been and where they’re going next.



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2 responses to “Making Do

  1. I’m glad you’re doing the Quote Challenge. I think it’s the easiest and quickest challenge I’ve done.

    I remember you telling me that your father said that a lot. That’s a great idea to donate glue sticks.

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