Water Thieves


I’m a fan of Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock, the husband/wife FBI team created by New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter. I follow her novel releases and future projects. After her April newsletter update about Showdown, she added this plea for relief from the California drought.

I would appreciate it, as would 40 million other people in my state,  if you would go outside,  doesn’t have to be a full moon, dance in a circle and chant to the rain gods to soak up the sun and squeeze out all excess liquid, from the shores to the mountains in California. We’re talking serious drought here, folks, so please save us from our two-minute showers.

I second that, Ms. Coulter. Maybe you can get Savich and Sherlock to take a side trip to look for water thieves while they track the serial killer in Los Angeles. If they’re up to their eyes in swirling dust, how about a scene where they chase the perp through a downpour?

Raining cats and dogs

If neither fits, I wish your rain dancers success. I need my fifteen-minute showers back to soothe my aching muscles while I plan the next scene in my mystery manuscript.



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