Successful Resolutions for the New Year

Report Card

New Year’s resolutions? Bah, Humbug! Ebenezer Scrooge might say. Meriam-Webster Dictionary agrees. ( Resolutions are like humbug ―misleading or deceptive. Statistics say 92% of resolutions fail. Looking on the bright side, that’s an 8% success rate. Even the U.S. government website gets in on the action with the most popular resolutions. (

Resolution #1 in the U.S. is “Lose Weight.” Somewhere beneath that will be “Join Gym,” followed by “Better Education,” or “Better Job.” If you haven’t made a 2015 list yet, try my top four suggestions.

  1.  Lose Weight.  Enjoy chocolate. Chocolate Bar
  2. Join Gym.  Walk around the block and greet neighbors. Shoes
  3. Better Education. First, teach others to see the learning process.     Opportunity
  4. Better Job: Improve present job (paid or voluntary).   eanbook-from Camille 8.14.11

Growth arrows

A few years ago when I accomplished only a few of my New Year’s resolutions, I made a new resolution.  I’ve topped all the odds. I’ve been 100% successful.

 Stop making New Year’s resolutions.

Happy New Year red



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3 responses to “Successful Resolutions for the New Year

  1. I stopped making resolutions, too, and decided on a project (and, yes, the operative word is “a” – more than one project on the list and you’re back in broken resolution territory!).

  2. You are one smart cookie. I’m adopting your list, starting with a guilt-free chocolate right now.

  3. Gary Lea

    I like your final resolution. I have been keeping this one for several years now.

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