If at first you don’t succeed…try spellcheck

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The “E” and “R” keys on my laptop computer have rebelled. Sometimes they work in early mornings, somtims not. [See what I mean about absentee E’s sometime?]

First, there’s my name, Violet Carr Moore, [two E’s and three R’s] necessary for all correspondence.

Then, E and R take a severe beating from creation through every revision. Tired or stubborn from being awakened early on a frosty morning? Perhaps tired better describes my stubborn keyboard. [eight E’s and six R’s]

Everybody agrees action verbs promote tension [seven E’s and four R’s], so I need people like detectives and sergeants who say disappeared and escaped [nine E’s and two R’s]. That provokes another round of sticky stubbornness.

I’ve cleaned the keyboard surface and between the keys. I’ve even popped off the alphabet squares (shutdown, unplugged, and battery extracted first, of course) and blasted the naked space with canned air. Still, abnormal cold California mornings produce configurations like “howv” which spellcheck suggests should be how’ve, not however which I intended. Then there’s “blld” which spellcheck suggests should be bald, bold, or bled when my intention was rebelled.

After days, maybe weeks—I can’t be sure because time rushes toward a new year— I’ve found a  solution for absentee E’s and R’s.

I sleep in and avoid early morning typing—er, keyboarding.

Hour glass-animated


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One response to “If at first you don’t succeed…try spellcheck

  1. LOL. My keyboard has many letters worn off. No L, U, A, S, D, R, C, N. T, H, or M. Good thing I don’t need to look at the keyboard to type. On the other hand, maybe I do. With eye fatigue, I often try to type with my eyes closed. I get interesting results like: Hww Cum U ayew giow tiy gcw gGGO XGRUSTNA,
    Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

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