FUPs, VIPs, and WIPs

Popcorn photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Popcorn photo courtesy of Wikipedia

I submitted a novel excerpt to an anthology contest after I reviewed it twice. A return email with markup edits suggested I delete the excessive to words in a single sentence. If I didn’t notice the repetition, will the reader care? 

That question sent me on a search of frequently used prepositions (FUPs). I identified more than 40 FUPs. To shares the two-letter category with of, by, in, on, at, and up.  In a previous post, I mentioned unnecessary words, like some that can be eliminated or replaced by other words. These FUPs are different. They’re very important prepositions (VIPs). Take the tiny word of for example. Imagine Next Kin, my work-in-progress (WIP) title without of.

Nevertheless, I took the FUPs challenge in a full search of to. A three-letter too popped on screen. “Too many to view,” followed by “1945”.  Looking for a reason—or even a flimsy excuse—for this word count extravaganza, I saw my escape.

1945 was the year Raytheon filed for patent of the microwave oven. One of the first foods cooked was popcorn. No wonder to keeps popping up in my novel.



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