Indefinites are something else


When I edit a writer’s work, I mark the somes—some, somebody, someone, something, and somewhere. Next, I point out the anys—any, anybody, anyone, anything, and anywhere.

A recent search in my mystery manuscript dug up more than one dead victim. It unearthed a multitude of unwanted words: 64 some, 3 somebody, 31 someone, 71 something, and 3 somewhere. A further search exposed the anys: 83 any, 1 anybody, 17 anyone, 53 anything, and 7 anywhere. Somebody outweighed anybody one to four. Then I searched for nobodys. Thankfully, only seven of those.

I’ll eventually eliminate most of these indefinite pronouns and articles. For now, I’ll add a few more with this rhyme of anonymous expectations.         


Everybody thought somebody should.

Someone thought anyone could.

Everyone thought anybody would.

But, nobody did.



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2 responses to “Indefinites are something else

  1. You given me a new “find” search for my manuscript.

  2. I read your post after 10:00 p.m. last night. It bugged me so much I had to do “something” about it. 6:00 a.m. I found myself running ‘find’ on my NaNoWriMo manuscript. Darn it! I decline to share the results.

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