Grammar Police

PoliceMy critique group has labeled me “The Editor” because I concentrate more on English grammar and punctuation than plot, setting, or characters. I’m much more concerned about subject and verb tense agreement than whether the protagonist is right or left-handed. I’d rather chose the correct form of your/you’re, or there/their/they’re, or synchronize singular/plural subject and verb agreement than to see if the protagonist is drawing with the wrong hand.

My inner editor’s persistence prompted one critique member to present me with a unique business card holder. Beyond an online purchase, it’s a creation from her heart—or at least her sewing machine. The sky-blue badge is fused and stitched to muted plaid fabric. To the left, this creative crafter stitched a clear pocket with a top opening for cards. The exterior is bound in black stitches. It folds wallet-style in the center to slip into a pocket or purse.

“To Correct  and Serve” is my goal. Now, I have the badge to prove it.

Grammar Police Award



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8 responses to “Grammar Police

  1. Love the badge. It makes you so “official.” I take exception, however, with your inference that grammar is your main concern. We depend on you for so much more: historical accuracy, sequence, and all kinds of important input. Now, let’s see if we can make a badge to incorporate all of that!

  2. Vi – Julie is correct. You are so much more than the Chief of Grammar Police. Your insight has helped many of us in more ways than you know. Before CGP, I put Mentor, Friend, Inspiration.

  3. Vi Parsons

    Wish I could qualify for that badge.

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