The Pantzer and the Pinata


StudentPantzer writing is like playing the Piñata game. Blindfolded, without an outline, a story forms in my mind, rushes to my fingertips, and appears on my computer screen. I strike at the target with my keyboard, trying to break the taunting plot Piñata, but it’s just out of my reach. During a break today (known as writer’s block), Google gave me a Piñata celebrating its 15th birthday.

Tomorrow the Google Piñata will be replaced with a different challenge. Today, I play the game often trying, like my novel, to improve my success. Even if you write with a complete outline and never take chances, join me, a Pantzer writer, under the Piñata at

Epilogue:  This is the section at the end of a novel where Pantzers wrap up the loose ends or divulge a peak into the future. Today, it’s a clue.  The top score is higher than 100. 



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4 responses to “The Pantzer and the Pinata

  1. You’ve described my style, Vi, but I’m trying a different experiment this month – writing an outline! Yikes!

  2. In most matters I’m a plotter (maybe even a plodder), but when it comes to writing, Pantzer is my style. I have a feeling I could learn a lot from those who meticulously plot.

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