Errors and omissions

Words“Never say never,” sage advice for novel writers, prompts a second never. Never say always in a novel. 

The narrator says, “She always soaks in the Jacuzzi after a stressful day.” Oh? What about the day she wrecked her Mustang Cobra and was hospitalized? That was stressful.

Every, another word to omit. “You can set your clock by her neighbor. He brings in the newspaper every morning at seven.” Oh? What about the Sunday morning his newspaper was stolen?

Anybody, everybody, nobody, somebody—more words to omit. Bodies in a mystery novel should be in a morgue!

Oh, wait! I’ve found a home for these forbidden words in my novel-writing progress report.

Anybody who critiques my mystery draft manuscripts can see that none is ready to publish. Nobody expects perfection, but everybody hopes this won’t become my hobby of always revising every draft and never publishing any mystery.

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  1. I agree. It’s time to start publishing some of your great mysteries and letting everybody enjoy those stories. Oh, right, there will be somebody who only watches TV and doesn’t read.

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