Nontraditional student collides with Murphy’s law


“It is found that anything that can go wrong at sea generally does go wrong sooner or later” (Alfred Holt,1829-1911).

Holt’s statement to clarify numerous problems with engines in his fleet of ships was trimmed in the twentieth century and renamed Murphy’s Law.

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

College classes begin for  next Monday. I opted for fall online classes to avoid a recurrence of classroom scenes where this nontraditional student is old enough to be the instructor’s grandmother and the student’s great grandmother. I envisioned my fingers at the end of pajama sleeves, moving from the keyboard to a favorite coffee mug resting in an antique glass coaster to my right, and eyes roaming the laptop screen at home.

The required software upgrade for one class isn’t here today as promised. An alert from the online host advises a “security” issue with the sale. My mind conjures up synonyms include  bogus, counterfeit, phony, and sham. Action required.

  •  Initiate a request for refund
  • Cancel the college course that requires upgraded software
  • Recite Murphy’s law in a calm voice

Good news! Notification that my first online class is ready for early start. I open each link and devour the introduction and connecting links. A textbook photo appears. Not the textbook confirmed for this class at registration; the new book on my desk waiting for me to destroy the shrink wrap, sniff the new-smelling pages, and slam the DVD into my computer. Action required.

  • Email the instructor about the mistake
  • Order correct textbook online from Amazon
  • Breathe a sigh that this blog post is only one day late
  • Post Murphy’s law in large print above my desk
  • Snap a photo of the sign for this blog
  • Buy new batteries for camera




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2 responses to “Nontraditional student collides with Murphy’s law

  1. You are an inspiration. You say you are old enough to be the student’s great grandmother. They should be so lucky. Too bad this semester they won’t have the privilege of interacting with you. The things they could learn from this very hip, very with it, very engaging non-traditional student.

  2. Darn it Vi,
    I was hoping to sit next to you in “Craft of Writing.” I might have learned something. 🙂

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