The mouse and me–a war of wits and wisdom

Real mice made me jittery, so I was surprised to fall in love with Mickey Mouse from my first glimpse. Minnie Mouse vied a close second for my affection, with Pluto, a cartoonish dog, trailing third.  The mouse love affair ended when I graduated from elementary school. In high school, I had a crush on a Royal Electric typewriter. My next love was an IBM Selectric that enhanced my words-per-minute goal. That was replaced by a word processor, then a computer,

My first adventure with a word processing program on a deskStudenttop computer occurred long ago during a mouse-less era. Quick and efficient keyboard shortcuts before and after the words enhanced plain fonts. Control B for Bold. Control I produced italics. Control ­U underlined the designated text. Control P automatically printed the page. When a mouse appeared at every computer in our office one morning, I disdained the claim that it would replace the shortcut commands.

I despised moving my right fingers from “home row” to the man-sized mouse resting on an eight-inch square pad to my right. I had to position the mouse at one end of the text, drag to the other to highlight, and choose commands like BI, or U from top menu hampered my speed and agility. The giant mouse and I fought a battle. The mouse won.

The touch pad, that magical rectangle between the heels of my palms on my laptop computer home row, brought mouse-less technology too late for me. I refuse to abandon my mini-mouse companion. Less than 3 x 2 and only an inch high, it’s a perfect fit for my petite hand. I compromised. I embrace my mouse but cling to the shortcuts.

It’s difficult to separate the mirror twin shortcuts of Control Z and Control Y. In one quick upward curve of the mouse, the pointer hovers over the left arrow in the taskbar ribbon at the top of my screen. A visible message reminds me to use keyboard strokes Control Z for the short cut. Thanks anyway, but since I’m here already, I’ll click the icon.



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4 responses to “The mouse and me–a war of wits and wisdom

  1. I’m with you, but you could use this as the seed for a new novel: Of Mice and Women. (And excuse me, I can’t italicize that!)

  2. Why Vi, you must be younger than you claim. I used manual typewriters for a good ten years, high school, and U.S. Navy before I saw my first electric typewriters. Go Mouse!

    • George, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Our innovative high school boasted of multiple manual typewriters but only two electric typewriters; one Underwood and one Royal. One session on that Royal electric and even the Underwood electric couldn’t sway me. That is, until years later when my fingers flew across a computer keyboard.

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