Poetry Title Contest

First Place Ribbon

In May, Julaina Kleist-Corwin posted a group poem on her Time to Write Now blog with a challenge to create a title. This week she announced the winner.

“Jennifer King, poetry instructor and director of the Downtown Oakland Senior Center, gave us the final vote for the winner of the group poem title contest. The title is … “Cadence” by Violet Carr Moore!

Vi also won the third place for “Time”. She has won a writer’s basket with two books and a few other fun items.”


The time she waits on none who tarry long

Instead she dances t’wards her scheduled end.

Ignoring worries; seeking pleasure’s song,

She hopes to make the day a lasting friend.

The other side of time we know is death.

She nudges us along to paths not sought.

Although we fight for every passing breath,

The end will come to all no matter what.


Now I hurry to revise Next of Kin, my cozy mystery novel in progress, before I reach the last lines of Time.

 Hour glass-animated



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3 responses to “Poetry Title Contest

  1. awesome post. very well written.

  2. The title of a poem gives it life. Yours was perfect.

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