Go for the uns

WordsThursday. My blog post day and I’m unprepared for the unforeseeable situation that unabashedly confronts me. I’m uninspired to write and unwilling to admit it. I’m unencumbered and uninterrupted at this quiet time of the evening. Still, I’m unimpressed with unconventional words to fill the screen. I prefer unlimited combinations of syllables to convey unexposed theories. So, I’m going for the uns—an unassuming topic.

 Among nearly 700 uns, unadulterated grabs my attention. Why don’t I substitute a synonym? Because, beyond the unclear choices of absolute, sheer and simple lurk three uns—unalloyed, undiluted and unmitigated.

With that in mind, I exit on an unshakable premise. It’s easier to publish an unpretentious blog than to undo these  unremarkable uns with an unending search for the right words.


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  1. Brandye Dague

    This was a very creative blog post – i enjoyed reading it…thx!

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