Parameters – Don’t Fence Me In

Ranch fence“Give me land, lots of land under starry skies above. Don’t fence me in…”

These 1940’s words are attributed to Cole Porter who bought the rights to a poem by Robert Fletcher of Helena, Montana. Porter bought the poem with rights to rewrite it, so says Wikipedia. He used key words and restated similar ideas ideas (paraphrased) into a song.  History says Porter intended to be a model of perfection (paragon), not one who depends on others to succeed (a parasite) and give Fletcher credit for the original. Instead, Porter’s publishers did the unthinkable and circumvented common sense (a paradox) and refused. For Fletcher, showing his original ownership was supreme (paramount). This turned a simplified tale to evoke a moral truth (parable) about a cowboy who can’t stand fences (parameters) into a court battle beyond the expertise of a paralegal (a person with specialist legal training who assists a fully qualified lawyer).

Wikipedia states that Gene Autry, Kate Smith, the Andrews Sisters, Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers sang this song with their own emphasis. I don’t need to give credit for this presumed paraphrase because I sang along with these vocalists from 78 RPM records and witnessed the movie stars on the silver screen (Oops! Is that copyrighted or trademarked?)

“Let me ride through the wide open country that I love” escapes my lips while I’m tethered to my keyboard editing paragraphs (sections of writing that contain distinct ideas or words of one character) from one of my cozy mystery novels. While I sing “I want to ride the ridge where the west commences,”  my protagonist pounds his boot heels on the hot southern Texas pavement and peels out of the parking lot in his Dodge Ram pickup truck without a glance at the cowboy statue in the town square.



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