Truth is stranger than fiction

Hour glass-animatedI blog on WordPress on Thursdays, but this breaking-news can’t wait.

 Ethan is safe. Jimmy Lee Dykes is dead.

My Google Blogspot is dedicated to child abuse. In a rare move, I’m reblogging today’s post here.

This blog [Google Blogspot]  is dedicated to abducted or missing children. I always seem to know if the child will die and often the cause of death. So, why did I wait until Ethan was rescued, and Jimmy Lee Dykes, his kidnapper was dead?

Instinct, maybe ESP, mixed with caution and common sense warned me not to blog anything that could be reblogged or commented on by others during this tense week. If I had told the truth—that Ethan would be rescued and Dykes would die within a week—no one would have believed me. What is the truth?

In prayer and meditation during this standoff, I received the answer like telepathy from Mr. Dykes (Do I believe in telepathy? I’m a skeptic, but that didn’t prevent it from happening). In spite of authorities who kept assuring Dykes that it could have happened to anyone, I understood that he preplanned the kidnapping. When the bus driver, Charles Albert Poland, intervened, Dykes killed him—something he had also contemplated in advance.

I prayed and called on angels to surround Ethan (Were they there? We can’t see them, so unless Ethan felt their presence, we’ll never know). I puttered around my kitchen yesterday evening, speaking to Mr. Dykes holed up in the bunker near Midland City, Alabama. I told him I’m a lady in California, a former southerner, who has driven Highway 231 in a search for Civil War ancestors.  He could relate to that massive anti-government quest. After asking him to let Ethan go, I felt his resistance. So I told him a secret I had kept for a week. “Mr. Dykes, I said, “If you don’t let Ethan go by tomorrow afternoon, he will be rescued. When that happens, your life will be over.”

Do I believe Jimmy Lee Dykes heard me? Maybe, maybe not, but it couldn’t be a coincidence that he died like I told him.”

Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.


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