Chocolate-covered Rejection

Chocolate Bar“Non-selected entrants” caught my eye in submission details for a local contest. Reading the full post, I realized that non-selected entrants equaled rejected submissions. The contest administrator used a creative term to lessen the impact of the hated word–rejection.

Does that shield me from embarrassment when I say “I’m here to pick up my non-selected entry?” Does it soften the rejection guillotine as it falls my head? Even when rejection is dipped in rich dark chocolate, it is bitter. The truth encased in the candy-coated term still shouts that my work was not accepted.

I’m glad I didn’t enter this contest. Not because I fear non-selection. I have a better use for chocolate.


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One response to “Chocolate-covered Rejection

  1. Lani Longshore

    I agree – there are definitely better uses for chocolate. Still, I see myself in that contest administrator who didn’t want to use the “R” word.

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