Thanksgiving travel and one stay-at-home writer

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News agencies forecast 43 million people will travel this Thanksgiving holiday weekend beginning on Wednesday, November 21st. According to an ABC News report, the busiest day for travel will be Wednesday when 45% depart (when do the other 55% begin their travels?).

Yahoo also states that 35% will return home on Sunday and 25% will wait until Monday to return. If 35% are Sunday travelers and 25% return on Monday (35 + 25 = 60), when do the other seventeen million go home?

This year I’ll join the majority who will travel 49 miles or less (or is it fewer?). While others trudge through airports, battle freeways and back roads, and slosh through snow and rain, I’ll be near home. I’ll skip the Black Thursday shopping madness. If I venture out on Black Friday to join shoppers, I’ll stay away from the major freeways, my driving preference, and take surface streets. I’ll be home in time to add more words to Retribution, my NaNoWriMo novel that is traveling this weekend toward its 50,000-word destination.


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  1. We went to San Francisco from Dublin, less than 49 miles, but we decided to do it the easy way and BARTed in. We were afraid we’d find no parking available in my daughter’s neighborhood. What a surprise. Parking spots all over AND not a soul walking the streets. Next year we drive. Hope you enjoyed your shopping and writing.

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