Murder and Monday night football

A double-murder defendant takes responsibility for the death of his ex-girlfriend and her male friend. Nathan Burris, 49, is on trial for the 2009 premeditated murder at the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge toll plaza.

Burris, who is representing himself in the Contra Costa County Superior Court trial, Martinez, California, snapped his fingers on Monday and told jurors he’s guilty. He went a step further to say he has no remorse and no regrets. He asked for a quick conviction so he can be jailed in time to watch Monday night football.

I wish I had followed this case closer. It would have been a much better topic for my National Novel in a Month (NaNoWriMo) manuscript than my manuscript where Police Chief Clay Parker tries to find the perpetrator who attempted to murder the Jamaican newsletter editor after only three weeks in the close-knit Texas town. No Remorse or Presumed Guilty with a double-murder defendant has a lot more zing than my working title Second Chance.

From that opening courtroom scene where Burris asks for a quick conviction so he can watch Monday night football in jail, the trial would have flashbacks between the premeditated crime and the courtroom. In one scene, the media would spotlight the old saying, “He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.”

In the last chapters, I would overturn the conviction because the defendant lacked adequate legal representation. The final scene would be the media admitting that Mr. Burris outfoxed the system by receiving free room and board, free medical and dental care and perhaps training for a new career when he is released. And, don’t forget his main objective, free Monday night football.


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  1. More confirmation that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

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