NaNoWriMo Frenzy 2012

As the last seconds of Halloween ghosts, goblins and vampires vanished, I’ve sat with my fingers poised over my laptop, a blank page on the screen at midnight and one second to being NaNoWriMo began since 2008. Not this year. I went to bed at an almost sensible time and arose this morning at 6:00 a.m. to type the first words of Second Chance, on a blank Word document. My goal for today: 3,000 words.

I’ve introduced four characters, two major and one minor from Escape, the first novel in my Texas series. Hector Staten, former owner of The Review, the local weekly and Elvira Shoals, a long-time widow, are co-owners of Main Street Books. Wes Noble, the new owner is remodeling the 19th century building, complete with a new heating and air conditioning system. Enter the fourth character, Adrian Drinkwater, new owner of the newspaper. He’s handsome and talented, but problems begin when a few of the locals learn that he is a Mulatto, not a Native American.

I’m climbing toward my 3,000-word goal. No one has been abducted, robbed, shot, or stabbed in the first four short chapters. Or, perhaps they have, but only one siren has sounded. We don’t know who’s in trouble because Hector has conveyed his police scanner to Adrian as part of the newspaper equipment and Adrian is not a siren chaser. Slow starts are permissable because a cozy mystery centers on the characters, not the crime.

The plot will change along the way as my characters take unplanned twists and turns on the road to 50,000 words. I’m just along for the ride as my fingers tap computer keys to tell their stories.




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2 responses to “NaNoWriMo Frenzy 2012

  1. Looking forward to meeting the characters who populate Second Chance. Good luck with Nanowrimo and I hope you get your 3000 words today.

    • Familiar faces make the second in the Texas Series easy reading. Hector Staten and Elvira Shoals from Escape are the main characters in Second Chance as the new owners of Main Street Books. Police Chief Clay Parker and Sergeant Maria Rangel are still investigating crimes. You can count on these four to introduce you to the good guys–and the bad.

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