Reblogging or plagiarism?

When I, a nontraditional student, received a scholarship to study writing late this summer, all classes on that topic were filled. I enrolled in an intense three-session library class. Fast paced from beginning to end, I learned how to cite references to be used in essays and reports. The final week, I passed a plagiarism test and received a printed certificate.

What? I can’t read something, then write about the same thing? In the strict sense of plagiarism, that’s true. Then what about reblogs? The second blogger copies every word but gives credit to the original blogger. So what’s wrong with that?

Reblogging embraces plagiarism unless the second blogger requests and receives permission from the original blogger in advance of the posts. Even then, the reblogger should preface the post with that declaration.

So, what if you want to reblog an interesting post? Ask permission. Reblog after you receive written or emailed confirmation. Mention that at the beginning of the reblog. While you wait, take the Indiana University plagiarism test.

If you don’t qualify for the certificate, time to stop reblogging.


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  1. Very interesting and helpful. I want to quote one line from a song popular in the 60s. I thought there was an “amount exception” so long as you gave credit. Guess I need to do a bit of research.

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