Elmore Leonard. Who’s that?

Elmore Leonard, born Elmore John Leonard III, has won a prestigious book award from The National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. While modern writing rules tell me to omit all adjectives in my writing, prestigious is one worth keeping. With or without adjectives, my first question on reading this news blurb was “Why haven’t I read his books?”

To be sure my memory hasn’t failed, although I’m not as old as Leonard (with that prestigious award, I can’t call him Elmore), I checked my alphabetized list of best-selling authors I’ve read the last two years: Larsson, Stieg; Le Carre, John; Lescroart, John. I even scrolled the lesser-knowns: Leon, Donna; Lindsey, Johanna. No Leonard, Elmore.

Where have I been while Leonard Elmore has been making himself famous? I consult my list. Baldacci, David; Child, Lee; Coben, Harlan; Connelly, Michael; Cornwell, Patricia; Coulter, Catherine; Dugoni, Robert; Evanovich, Janet; Fairstein, Linda; Gardner, Lisa; Grisham, John. There are more, but you get the idea. No Leonard, Elmore.

Excuse me while I dash to the library to see what I’ve been missing.


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One response to “Elmore Leonard. Who’s that?

  1. You’ll be at my house tomorrow afternoon. I’m sure I can dig up some old Elmore Leonard books for you. I enjoy his writing, although after as many books as he’s written, they do tend to become formulaic.

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