The challenge

Being the sole nontraditional student in a classroom surrounded by students one third my age has been a challenge, but I’ve managed for two weeks. Their viewpoints fresh; mine tainted by experience. I’ve participated in class discussion and group projects and done my homework. The proverbial fish out of water, I survived because I had presented my own challenge to the Art/Communications Dean. Oh no, not one of those white-glove invitations to an honor dual. I used the “Request to Challenge Course Prerequisite” form for exemption from required English 1A Critical Reading and Comprehension. I based my challenge on knowledge or ability to succeed without this course. Audacity? Chutzpah? No. A lifetime of experience seemed equal to one semester of instruction.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…(remember that from the Sky King radio show?)…I bought two of the required texts and a new collegiate dictionary, all paperbacks ($50), and ordered the major textbook online. Pre-owned—upscale word for used—applies to more than automobiles. Book and shipping combo was less than one tenth the used price at the college bookstore. Thursday. Still no response to the prerequisite challenge. Where is Sky King when I need him? I logged into my password-protected account to view the homework. No class on Labor Day, but homework due Tuesday!

A blinking message light after Library class on Friday signaled exciting news. Challenge approved! No more English 1A classes. TGIF!


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  1. Whether it was a bit of audacity or a hearty dose of chutzpah, you were right. Your experience is legendary and we all benefit from it. Glad you posed the challenge and that the powers that be were wise enough to grant your request.

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