Computer blackout Monday July 9, 2012

    My GPS spits out the words “Recalculating Route” when I’ve taken an unfamiliar path to my intended destination. Or when I miss my turn and I’m headed the wrong direction. That’s okay because that nagging woman on my Garmin will reroute me to the right path. That’s what the FBI (yes, the real Federal Bureau of Investigation) has done for computers infected with a malicious virus. Without a nagging voice, not even a whisper, the FBI has partnered with a nonprofit to reroute infected computers to safe DNS (Domain Name Servers).

Now the FBI says it will cut the DNS umbilical cord that gives life to four million computers around the world. Of millions of computers in the U.S.A., the FBI estimates that less than 70,000 remain infected. So, why worry? Murphy’s law, or plain common sense, says my computer could be one of that number. I might lose my internet connection—my lifeline to the world.

    The FBI didn’t tell me whether I’ll be safe or sorry on Monday, July 9, 2012. Even CNN gave no instructions for a cure. My small business internet technician in Northern California sent me a direct link to verify infection. If you see green, smile.
    I’m green. I hope you are too.


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