Book Cover Judge

    Book covers facing out catch my eye in the Livermore Library. Bold colors and simple titles capture my attention before the author. That’s because I browse on my way to automatic checkout after I’ve retrieved my favorite author selections from the online reservation area. I may have a Robert Dugoni book in my hand when a flash of red propels me to pick up The Drop by Michael Connelly. A sideways glance toward inch-tall letters on C. J. Box’s Back of Beyond stamped above and below a blazing campfire backed by shadowy mountains grabs my attention. I add that to my borrowed books cache.
    Next stop, Friend of the Library bookstore. Books are shelved spine out by author’s name. I read the title, then pull the book out to peer at the cover. I already know the title and author. Shouldn’t that be enough? Not for me. I love covers. I search for John Lescroat, a familiar author. I read the front jacket cover and flip to the familiar half-page back cover photo of the The Motive. I select a couple more books and pay the meager amount.
    At home in the evening, I settle back in my LazyGirl recliner, footrest up, coffee cup and a couple of pieces of dark chocolate on the oval side table to my right, ready to indulge in Lescroart’s mysterious adventures of Dimas Hardy and Abe Glitsky. When I open the book, I see 61 Hours a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child. Now wait just a minute! The glossy paper book jacket promised Lescroart.
    Never judge a book by its cover.

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  1. How unfair! I guess I should be more careful – not only do I judge books by their cover, I judge my cds by the album covers. Should something ever get in the wrong little box, ouch!

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