Leap Day—a day for cozy mystery writing

    Today is Leap Day. An extra square added to the end of February calendar every quadrennial. People born on this day—at least in the U.S.—are teased and taunted about their calendar ages compared to physical ages. They’re celebrities. All because the earth’s rotational axis is tilted. I could spend my day studying scientific explanations of how the sun is directly over the equator only twice a year, but more pressing issues prevail. I’m editing Escape, my cozy mystery novella set in the Texas hot summer sun (wherever it might cast a shadow).
    A cozy, the opposite of a thriller mystery, is more about the unforgettable characters than the perpetrator of the crime who must be caught. The good guy (protagonist) will get the perp (antagonist) before the last pages. The story is about what happens to others along the way.
    My characters dance across the pages, puzzling over the headlines of Rebecca, a missing genealogy group member and Rosalie, a hospitalized assault victim. Police Chief Erickson watches over his small town during these crises with all the compassion his thirty-seven years can muster while he follows clues to both crimes. In between, I must choreograph Richard, the unscrupulous auctioneer; Lisa, the stalked owner of the local antique shop; Dee, an extravagant widow; Elvira, her thrifty retired sister-in-law; and Hector, the fifty plus newspaper editor who lashes out against abuse and chases genealogy ghosts in his spare time.
    My day will be too full to analyze Leap Year.

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