Writer’s Itch

    When does writer’s itch begin? For me, it started with a pink treasure—a public library card. That three-inch rectangle with a numbered metal tab embedded in the top right rounded corner morphed a frail little girl into Wonder Woman. I lugged the maximum of books from the children’s section the long walk home. With each book read, I soared above my ho-hum existence. I daydreamed of meeting those authors and declaring that I wanted to be like them.
    I became a speed typist on manual and electric machines with topnotch spelling skills before computerization. Business letters, proposals, contracts, policies and procedures, operation manuals, accounting forms. My proficiency was in much demand in the workplace, but never tagged with my byline. Years later, memories of the pink library card revived my determination to be published.
    In the Right Place, a memoir laced with unexplainable events bordering on paranormal came first, followed by Moments of Meditation, a book of devotionals. Short stories published in Christmas Miracles anthology (St. Martin’s Press) and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotionals for Mothers (Simon & Schuster) gave credence to more nonfiction. Essays, fictional short stories and creative nonfiction were published in multiple Las Positas College Anthologies, Tapestries by Downtown Oakland Senior Center, and Voices of the Valley: First Press by California Writers Club Tri-Valley. Rather than soothing my muse, these whetted her appetite. Now a mystery novel emerges, bursting with energy to make a splash in the fictional world of suspense.
    It all started with a pink library card.

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