Murder and Bad Hair Day

My thinning white hair parted without permission this morning, exposing pink scalp. I suspect it’s revenge from Zeke, a murder suspect in Follow the Bloodline, my mystery manuscript in second-draft mode. Zeke had brown hair in the first draft. During edits from my critique group, he appeared too “normal” to be the killer. I changed his hair to a thinning sandy color and shagged it below his collar—a bit more convincing. I imagined I heard him laughing this morning as I held a hand mirror to the pink spot at the back of my head. Careful, Zeke. I’m not finished with the novel yet. I’m thinking of shaving your head or giving you bushy eyebrows like Andy Rooney—maybe both.



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2 responses to “Murder and Bad Hair Day

  1. Lani Longshore

    It’s bad enough when we plot against our characters, but when they start plotting against us – oy!

  2. I agree, Lani. I can’t cut fictitious Zeke out of my will, so I’ve chopped him from the other books in this series.

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