Double Time

Cadence, a measure of marching, is often marked by chants of uniformed soldiers. To keep in top shape, military squadrons in basic training are often told to step up the pace—to double time. Grueling steps prepare those individuals to work as a group, keeping time with one another, and training for battle.

November has brought together about a dozen authors from California Writers Club Tri-Valley Writers. The goal, a 50,000-mile word hike in thirty days. These writers have declared one another as writing buddies. That allows us to view the statistics, known as Stats, of where we each are in the race. Determined to hammer out the basic training of 1,667 words every day, I clicked the first computer keys on November 1. Today—Day Five—I reached my double-time goal averaging 3,334 words a day. The true test will come in Days 6-10 when my fictionalized characters wander off the main trail, seeking new adventures. If they slow me down and I miss my goal, a peek at the success of any one of my writing buddies will let me hear the cadence to get me back on track.

One…two…three…four. One..two..three..four. One.two.three.four. Onetwothreefour.


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