The Thief

    He visits me every day, this unwelcome guest. He slips in unnoticed after I brew morning coffee (maybe while I’m in the shower). He peeks over my shoulder as I view the morning news. (Got to keep up with current events, right?) Some days he appears at lunch while I peruse stacks of mail and pay bills online. I’ve seen him loitering in afternoons when I’m drawn to my recliner to read a current best-seller (keeping up with latest trends).
    I’ve become accustomed to this intruder. He’s visited so often, I’m no longer annoyed at his presence. Take yesterday, for example. I made several stops on the way home from the dentist (one trip to conserve fuel). Hours later, I returned home, all energy expended. I ate microwaved leftovers to hurry on to more important things (like writing a blog post). First, I responded to a dozen emails and had a voice chat with a friend (required social networking). Late in the evening, I was pleased when I noticed the thief was gone. Sleep persisted (after all, I need my rest).
    I scrawled a note on my to-do list to post a blog tomorrow. Procrastination, the thief, had stolen my day.

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