OMG! Oh my God is not one of my favorite phrases. Can I change my vocabulary now that Oxford English Dictionary has declared these three letters to be spoken as a word?  Probably not. God is a divine word for me, not a text or abbreviated phrase that scampers between an exclamation for spilled milk to a lost lottery ticket.  I must admit that emphasis on the middle word–MY–elevates me into the holy ranks where the trailing noun, a revered deity, establishes God to be a part of my  immediate circle of friends although not one of my earthly WAGs.

As for LOL—Laughing Out Loud, is there any other way to laugh?  Oxford scholars declare the new definition for LOL after its 1960s predecessor “Little Old Lady” bit the dust behind her. Now, half a century later that should have been the original LOL’s golden years, she’s trumped by Laughing Out Loud.

BTW—By the Way, I hope WAGs—Wives and Girlfriends—aren’t prancing on the arm of the same man as they LOL.  

I wish I could say I (heart) Oxford’s new words. OMG! LOL…WAG…  

 All I can say is TMI!



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