Sisters in Crime, a Pleasanton Friends of the Library Sunday event

Sisters in Crime QuartetThe Pleasanton Library hosted four Sisters in Crime authors on Sunday, October 10th.  The quartet moderated by Penny Warner included mystery writers Hailey Lind (a/k/a Juliet Blackwell), Rhys Bowen, and Terry Thayer. Add Penny Warner for a multiple treat quintet.  Never know what she’s going to write next. I love the way Hailey Lind–or whatever alias she chooses for the event–talks about paranormal as routine and explains art forgeries as normal. Terry concentrates on quilting and rubber stamping crafts as background for her mysteries. Rhys (pronounced Reece like the candy) delves in British mysteries. Nearly a dozen adorn her double-sided laminated bookmaker.  I imagine her delightful English accent and humor as she talked about her recent travel to England, Wales. I flip to the bookmaker side with the Royal Spyness series. This bookmaker is laminated, so I use it when I read. I rarely need to mark my place beyond where to stop for coffee break. I devour a mystery, cover to cover, in one sitting, and then return the bookmarker to my collection.

P.S. If you haven’t read my archived blogs, bookmarker is a clue to my work in progress.  Mystery bookmakers are my favorites. I’m polite, though. I only take one from each author for my personal stash.



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2 responses to “Sisters in Crime, a Pleasanton Friends of the Library Sunday event

  1. Hi Violet,
    Thanks so much for your kind post.
    I love seeing you at our events.
    You’re one of my favorite fans!
    See you again soon, I hope.

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