Independent publisher

If anyone had told me the first day I tackled a computer keyboard during a mid-life crises coupled with a career change and being a first-time foster mom that I would become an author and independent publisher, I would have said, “Yeah, sure, same day I become president.” I enrolled in a one-day computer course at Louisiana State University and waved that LSU certificate as a prop to proclaim computer proficiency at job interviews. A few years later, a computer addict, I archived my true-life stories. Along the trail to retirement, friends – strangers, too – prompted me to write a book of my unique experiences. They seemed routine to me, hardly worth printing, not something that anyone would pay to read. I postponed book writing until retirement.

 Armed with a notebook computer and memories of a lifetime, my fingers flew across the keyboard. A theme, In the Right Place, brought the stories together and became the book title. After multiple revisions, I lined up a team of professional volunteers to proofread and edit (yes, there is a difference) my first book. My mentor let me run with the ball as if I were the greatest quarterback in the Super Bowl. I got tackled quite often by obstacles that knocked the wind out of me. Bruised but more determined, I kept going. I sprinted downfield toward my goal of self publishing. A friend recommended a graphic artist cover designer and suggested I skip the middleman, self publishing, and become an independent publisher.  That propelled me into the end zone with the winning touchdown when Carr Twins & Co., an independent publisher, became a reality.


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